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Chopin Nocturne

– The biggest help I can give myself when I study is breathing.

– Taking the piece in sections is good as well.. after I feel I have familiarised myself with the music text and worked on the details.. Why do I do this? It helps me become more specific as to what I want to do and how I want to proceed.

– It is hard to focus on my legs… I am not certain however as to how important that is during practice..

– I am finding it hard to relax my lower back and pelvis.


-> I want to learn to play slowly

->…to play with my heart/soul first

->… to not put myself into little boxes (Have to’s etc.)

->…to relax my wrists

->…to breathe

->…to make music sing…

->…to polish my phrasing.

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Chopin Nocturne, cis moll

You know what I’m thinking?

I want to put my own spin in the pieces I am performing. Even if that makes the piece slightly different. We are all different, we don’t have to all play in the exact same way.

* I will always be respectful of the text, however, I will also ALWAYS investigate in order to make new discoveries..

Right now, I’ve simply listened to a few recordings and read some articles, but that is not enough..

HOMEWORK: I need to listen to the same recordings, find others and read more about Chopin and the time in his life when he wrote this Nocturne.

I want to put my own twist and also find my own way of playing, otherwise, I will always put myself into little boxes and will never enjoy playing for real..

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Daily Prompt: Flattery

via Daily Prompt: Flattery

Praise that is not sincere…

At least trying to participate in the Daily Prompt..helped me learn something today…

It’s not as if i did not know how to use this word in a sentence…but now after reading its meaning, something made it click in my if the idea, the understanding was there already but now it makes more sense. Now, I will remember it and will not forget about it..

Maybe, it is because I also saw it written and as we know vision takes precedence over our other senses..for example, someone can tell you a piece of information and you will remember 10% of it after 5 days..but, if you see a picture or a video of the same thing you will probably remember 65% after a few days.

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F. Chopin, Nocturne cis moll

As I was practicing I realised that the KEY is to play the piece the way that I want and NOT as I think it should be played.

I have now the knowledge and the experience (BUT the music as well guides me..) to understand the style and the character of a piece.

However, I don’t think it is a problem to explore your musicality and expand your own creativity while playing something, even if it leads you to a very different path from what was originally intended or what is widely known and accepted about this piece. (Through recordings and such).

If nothing else, you will feel free, you will relax as there will be no expectation and you might actually discover something new about yourself as a musician, pianist, even as a human being. 🙂

– So, that’s what I did and will continue doing today.

Later, I will take small phrases or bars or segments of the piece to improve it technically, BUT not the whole piece, as I don’t want to spoil it by over thinking or over trying.

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Why am I bored of learning portuguese?

1st blog post

I am bored of the process of learning portuguese with a teacher! Why?! Is it my age? I think I have been feeling like this about education for the past 6 years if not my whole life (and never realised it…).

What is it about learning that doesn’t work for me?! The process? The method? The teacher? I am beginning to lean toward the idea of a more empirical knowledge. Interaction with the subject is much more fascinating.

How do we make this interesting? The sure thing is that I will not stop trying/learning + figuring it out!