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Chopin Nocturne, cis moll

You know what I’m thinking?

I want to put my own spin in the pieces I am performing. Even if that makes the piece slightly different. We are all different, we don’t have to all play in the exact same way.

* I will always be respectful of the text, however, I will also ALWAYS investigate in order to make new discoveries..

Right now, I’ve simply listened to a few recordings and read some articles, but that is not enough..

HOMEWORK: I need to listen to the same recordings, find others and read more about Chopin and the time in his life when he wrote this Nocturne.

I want to put my own twist and also find my own way of playing, otherwise, I will always put myself into little boxes and will never enjoy playing for real..



BELUGA & THE SNAIL It all started one Saturday when I met my Russian friend Anastasia at the Grande Bretagne Hotel for a cup of tea! YEzzz...once I was told that drinking a cup of tea or coffee in a Versace tea cup is way better than doing it at any other place...and it costs the same... Well, I don't necessarily agree with all of that but I do enjoy the atmosphere, the Victorian inspired looking cup and the pianist in the background.. ;) I thought that would be another great experience to share with my dear friend. Well, after reading the menu and seeing how much a beluga caviar dish dear Anastasia became Beluga..we laughed so much...and how appropriate..beluga caviar = Russian friend.. or maybe very inappropriate but we both screamed out that name for her at the same time and we've been doing it ever since... Next weekend..during a shopping spree we ended up in Sephora where I vigorously looked for this Tonymoly sheet mask with snail slime that I LOVE so that Anastasia can try it too... No Snail sheet mask anywhere to be found.. and I was so disappointed..Anastasia outed the words..: "Snail not fail"... and that's when my so appropriate name came to life... So there you go.. I became the Snail!! So this is how this blog name was created... I enjoy new experiences, being part of other cultures and travelling around the world!

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