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When you start living again!

When music begins to have meaning again…
When you enjoy dancing…
When you start enjoying being alone again..
So good…it’s really so good!!!
When u start laughing with the tiniest silliest thing..
When you wanna see your friends again….
When you feel like having conversations with random people….although this never truly disappears from your life…It’s just that now…u r not afraid that u might feel sad about yourself during that conversation..
Someone recently told me that i need to be honest…I thought he meant with others which surprised I always am honest with others – or at least I do my best…but he actually meant with myself…
How weird?! How am I not being honest with myself…well..after long deliberation I concluded that he is right…I am not honest with myself because when I hurt for whatever reason…I don’t want to look at myself..I don’t want to face my fears…
Sometimes it is easier to suffer with the thought that someone has wronged you than actually saying…no..i am great..I feel great and I have so much to look forward to…


Which brings us to now!! Beginning to enjoy life again and for being the sole benefactor of myself and the sole support, stimuli of fun…and as such…I have so many things that I enjoy doing that have nothing to do with what someone said to me or about me or did.. and nothing can affect me…Only me…
I am responsible for me and I have a choice…to enjoy or to not enjoy!! 😉



BELUGA & THE SNAIL It all started one Saturday when I met my Russian friend Anastasia at the Grande Bretagne Hotel for a cup of tea! YEzzz...once I was told that drinking a cup of tea or coffee in a Versace tea cup is way better than doing it at any other place...and it costs the same... Well, I don't necessarily agree with all of that but I do enjoy the atmosphere, the Victorian inspired looking cup and the pianist in the background.. ;) I thought that would be another great experience to share with my dear friend. Well, after reading the menu and seeing how much a beluga caviar dish dear Anastasia became Beluga..we laughed so much...and how appropriate..beluga caviar = Russian friend.. or maybe very inappropriate but we both screamed out that name for her at the same time and we've been doing it ever since... Next weekend..during a shopping spree we ended up in Sephora where I vigorously looked for this Tonymoly sheet mask with snail slime that I LOVE so that Anastasia can try it too... No Snail sheet mask anywhere to be found.. and I was so disappointed..Anastasia outed the words..: "Snail not fail"... and that's when my so appropriate name came to life... So there you go.. I became the Snail!! So this is how this blog name was created... I enjoy new experiences, being part of other cultures and travelling around the world!

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