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What on earth?

What on earth is going on?

I heard today on the television news that a greek musician actually said, that a family of five in Greece could survive with crackers and olives instead of lamb. How could anyone say it is ok for families who don’t have enough money right now in Greece due to the unstable political and economical situation…to eat crackers and olives…

Is it really ok to say things like that out loud? What is going on in this world….

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Why am I bored of learning portuguese?

1st blog post

I am bored of the process of learning portuguese with a teacher! Why?! Is it my age? I think I have been feeling like this about education for the past 6 years if not my whole life (and never realised it…).

What is it about learning that doesn’t work for me?! The process? The method? The teacher? I am beginning to lean toward the idea of a more empirical knowledge. Interaction with the subject is much more fascinating.

How do we make this interesting? The sure thing is that I will not stop trying/learning + figuring it out!